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Name:Uchiha Sasuke
Sasuke Uchiha
Note: This is an AU genderbend character!
Height: 5’5”
Age: 16
Rank: Chunin, managed on first exam, with Naruto and Shikamaru.
Teammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata, Hatake Kakashi
Tutors: Hayate is her sword practice partner (he did not die), Jiraiya was an unofficial sensei. During the timeskip she found a sword user to teach her while traveling.
Admirers: Inuzuka Kiba and Yamanaka Ino
Residence: Lived with Naruto since age 8
Collects: Hand carved figures, trend started in the Academy as a joke at age ten.
Timeskip: Traveling with Naruto and Jiraiya. She acquired the Legendary Thunder Sword from a missing nin during this time.
Nicknames: Naruto is ‘her Idiot’ and she takes (possessive) Bitch as an acceptable insult from said blond only. Bitch is preferred.

Her pictures: The team photo of Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Kakashi at their current ages.
One with Naruto and Mikoto holding a petulant looking Sasuke in the frame while she tried to escape.
A picture of Naruto at 6 that’s oddly angled where Naruto was over the shoulder of an ANBU Kakashi, hands twisted into a rather lewd hand sign with a smug smirk on his face while the man tried to keep the blond from sliding out of his hold, the other ANBU was twisted half around, reaching up to try to shove Naruto's hands down as he practically radiated horror while looking back in the direction that Naruto was looking. He had a crow mask and a black ponytail.
One was her team seven while they were new, with Sasuke having interposed herself between Hinata, who was giving Naruto doe eyes and trying to lean around the Uchiha, and the blond who was smiling brightly into the camera as Kakashi eyed the girls, one hand out like he was ready to stop a fight.
The last picture is older, and the Naruto and Sasuke in it are perhaps seven at most, and had a smiling Mikoto draped around their shoulders, hugging both kids to her as Naruto blushed and Sasuke gave whoever was holding the camera a wide eyed pleading look to not take the picture while smiling, just a little.

Details: No curse mark. Instead has a tracking seal tuned specifically to Naruto’s chakra on her inner left wrist that is distinctly a wind based seal. (In her Konoha many would consider this a marriage tattoo.)
Clothing deal: Set up at age ten, Sasuke has to wear a light color on her person that’s not white as long as Naruto doesn’t wear neon orange.

Naruto details: She knows about the Uzumaki clan and related points and has since age nine, though they knew nothing about the Yondaime. They stopped looking when they dived into sealing. Sasuke is not more than proficient with them, but can do explosive tags and sealing tags, as well as teaching other people the basics. She just has no skill for creating her own designs. A huge fuss was kicked up over the Uzumaki spiral not being taught about in Academy anymore when the pair found out about it. She found out about Kyuubi at age 11.
She met Naruto at age six after Mikoto tripped over him at the market, though there was some initial resistance from Sasuke about making friends until Itachi acted interested in the blond. Then she got possessive over both of them to keep Naruto away from her Aniki.

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